Who We Are

DESIDOGADOPTION Desi Dog Adoption Worldwide is a small privately funded rescue  located in New Delhi, India. We rescue puppies from the streets of Delhi, India. DesiDogAdoption Worldwide works through a network of foster homes, who provide the loving care to nurse the sick/injured rescued pups back to health. These pups are known locally as ‘desi dogs’. They are also known as INDog or the Pariah Dog. These pups have little chance to survive and if they do spend their lives on the streets suffering the effects of poor nutrition and parasites. With full tummies and simple parasite control they become happy, loving, gorgeous companion dogs.

Desi dogs are extremely intelligent and quick learners – if they weren’t they wouldnt survive on the streets! They are very agile and have great potential to excel at dog sports such as agility. Desi dogs also make great jogging/running companions. While an active outdoor companion dog, they are very calm and quiet indoors.

DesiDogAdoption Worldwide works with medical and financial support of Drs Choudhary , two wonderful veterinarians in Delhi, India who help people in India find homes for some of the puppies that they rescue off the street.

The Drs Choudharys also do free spay/neuters of street dogs; provide food and free veterinary care to desi dogs adopted by the poor, and attempt to find homes in Delhi for as many desi dogs as they can. Dogs that go into shelters in Delhi have little to no chance of being adopted, and live in a ‘doggy prison’ – a compound where dog diseases and injuries are rampant.

DesiDogAdoption started in 2009 and placed 25 pups in wonderful loving homes in its first year (2009/2010), with the help of a wonderful rescue in Canada, AAIDD Adopt an Indian Desi Dog, located at Abbotsford, BC, managed by Barbara Gard. Owners have fallen head over heels in love with their street puppies and are in awe of how intelligent and loving a companion dog they have rescued.  Today we work with several other rescues in various parts of the world to help us find the correct homes for the dogs.

Adopting a friend

DesiDogAdoption is looking for forever homes interested in adopting young puppies that are rescued off the street in Delhi, India. Rescue Pups range in age from 8 weeks to 12 months of age. Contact us if you are interested in adopting a pup and we will organize an adoption for you, either through a rescue located in your area/close to you or through a direct adoption. Both male and female pups are available throughout the year. Pups are fully vet checked and healthy before they are airlifted. Pups have all their vaccinations, deworming, flea/tic control, microchip, and health certification. They are transitioned upon arrival to make sure that they are in good health before going to their adoptive home.

Contact us or our associate rescues for an adoption form and/or for additional information. Airlift costs are expensive and work out to $1000 t o $1200 a puppy. An adoption donation of a minimum of $500 is requested. No fundraising support is received by DesiDogAdoption and the only way to continue the work is to try to recover as much as the airlift costs as possible. Donations closer to the actual airlift costs would be greatly appreciated. All time and services rendered towards the airlift are volunteered by the vets and their staff and volunteers in India.


DesiDogAdoption Worldwide:


DR.Premlata Choudhary
Dr. Choudhary’s Pet Clinic
Anand Niketan
New Delhi
email: drpl@choudharypetclinic.com
Tel: 011-24113000



CANADA (Vancouver area)

37316 Ward Road Abbotsford BC V3G 26K
Phone: 604-852-3375
email: barbara_gard@hotmail.com 

CANADA (Ontario area)

email: nazsayani123@gmail.com


email: shilpagadde@gmail.com