Sweet Daisy (adopted)

Daisy was one of a litter of four pups born under an electric transformer. One of the pups chewed on the wires and was electrocuted, the other three pups survived. Daisy’s two siblings have found nice homes and she is waiting for her turn now.

Daisy is six months old bouncy (as of May 15th), playful and loving puppy with sweet submissive temperament. She is however shy if she is not sure who you are. She is almost house trained and is OK on a lead. Overall, she responds very well to affection, would make a wonderful pet, but will remain nervous of other people, but if she is with a nice family the nervousness would slowly disappear as she gains confidence. She would be fine in a crate, but being left alone makes her very sad. She is great with children as she is currently being fostered in a wonderful family who has two young boys. Daisy is a delightful little thing and loves being with the family so would make an excellent pet.

So, the ideal home would be a family that would give her affection and attention and in return they would be rewarded with a playful, loyal dog that does funny little things that would make you laugh.

Daisy is up to date on all shots and also spayed.