Lucky Jasmine looking for home

Jasmine was found almost completely hairless as she was suffering from severe demodectic mange, she was also very emaciated. Her first picture was taken with a towel wrapped around her frail body as it was too graphic to show her in that state. After an aggressive treatment one month later lucky Jasmine is cured, now she has a beautiful fawn coat and a sweet face with a black mask. She is a healthy dog now but underweight, however with good food and love she will blossom into a beautiful flower that she is named after. Jasmine is Desi dog rescued from the streets of Delhi and estimated to be born in late January. She is up to date with all her shots.

Jasmine loves everyone she meets and will greet you with her puppy enthusiasm. She loves to play with the two big dogs she is fostered with and is curious around cats.  She is calm for her age and does not chew on things. She is a smart little girl who knows her manners. She knows ‘Sit’ and will wait for ‘OK to her eat her food. She is almost housebroken and will scratch the door to let you know when she wants to go out to do her business. She is also leash trained. Jasmine is a very loving dog and will follow you around wherever you go.

Jasmine she is overall a loving, healthy happy dog lucky to be rescued in time. We hope that her luck continues and she finds a loving home that she so deserves.

She is available for adoption in Canada.

Call Barbara at 604-852-3375 or email for more information.