Hope’s only hope is to find her forever home (Adopted)

Hope was born in mid December and was rescued as a nine week old pup. She has a beautiful all white coat but was found with Haryana imprinted on her side with Henna which is barely visible now and will eventually fade away. Hope is a very sweet natured puppy who is very submissive, calm and gentle. Since she was fostered in a home with young children she is great with kids. Hope is a loving dog who will follow you around and be your shadow. She is a medium – low energy dog who is obedient and listens well. She had eats her food slowly and has a gentle mouth and takes treats very gently. She always wants to be with people and is very affectionate. She is calm and does not chew on anything else other than her bone. She will bark at cats but will stop right away when told to do so; she is too scared to chase them. She will do well in a house with dogs and/or cats but they should be introduced to her gradually so that she is not overwhelmed and scared. She is happiest just cuddling with her people on the couch or the bed. Hope needs a patience and loving home that will help her overcome her shyness so that she can blossom into a confident dog.

Hope is among the lucky one to be picked to go to Canada so if you are interested in adopting her please contact Barbara at   barbara_gard@hotmail.com