What to Expect When You Adopt A Dog ?

Bringing a dog into your family is a big decision, whether you buy a puppy from a (reputable) breeder, or go to your local shelter and pick a dog to adopt. Here is a list of things you should be ready to expect when you bring a shelter dog home:
Your new dog has just come into a new environment, and is used to having lots of other dogs around her. She may spend the first few nights calling out to see if any other dogs answer, or call out to you because she is anxious. Although it is important not to give attention to a barking dog, you may want to avoid the scenario slightly by letting her sleep in a crate placed where she can see you for the first few nights and gradually move the crate to wherever you want her to spend her nights once she has gotten used to her new home.

Toilet Training Accidents
Even a housetrained dog may need a refresher course when introduced to a new home (this is also the case when you move house with an existing dog – all the strange smells can cause a temporary ‘lapse’). Do not let your new dog have the run of the house straight away. This will help her tune in to her new surroundings.

Nervous Behavior
Are you spotting a theme here? Most of the issues your new dog will face will be due to a change in surroundings! The key is to give the dog a little time and not too much fuss at first. Shelters will usually suggest that you do not feed your dog for the first 24 hours after bringing her home to avoid her being sick or having diarrhea through the stress.
None of this information is here to scare you or put you off getting a shelter dog. You are still likely to have less problems bringing in a shelter dog than you are a puppy that has just been separated from her mom, brothers and sisters. Just be aware of what to expect and you will be fine.