Handsome Desi ‘Raj’

‘Raj’ in Hindi means ‘to rule’ and is derived from the word ‘Raja’ – i.e. Ruler or King, this Raj will surely rule in the hearts of his family. Gender: […]

‘Raj’ in Hindi means ‘to rule’ and is derived from the word ‘Raja’ – i.e. Ruler or King, this Raj will surely rule in the hearts of his family.

Gender: Male
Approx dob: July 1st, 2012
Vaccination: Upto date

Neutered on 15th November, 2012

Update on February 2nd, 2013:

Raj continues to be a favorite in his foster home. He is a one-man dog, and shows his loyalty with enthusiasm. He will make an a great and loyal pet, is very well socialised and adjusts very well to a new setting. He was taken to a doggy party where he was one of the most peaceful well behaved dogs, almost as if had received training to be there.

Latest pics of Raj:

Raj finds his cosy spot by the Xmas tree

 Update on Nov 15th, 2012: Raj, in his current foster home, is described as a Lady’s Man. He loves the company of his female friends. To prevent him from becoming a Dad at a young age, Raj has been neutered.

Gender: Male
Approx dob: July 1st, 2012
Vaccination: Has had his 9-in-1 on October 8th, 2012 when he was rescued, and parasite control.

Neutered on 15th November, 2012

In the words of his rescuer, an AAIDD volunteer:

I found a small thin Raj, wandering alone on the roads on October 7th, 2012. I feed the street dogs in the area where i found him, and people around know that i care for the homeless dogs. A few people in the area had told me about a lone pup wandering the roads. In this area, there are a number of packs, in groups of 2-3 who hang out together and have their own spots. I was told that Raj had appeared from nowhere and tried, very confidently, to get accepted in the various packs or just hang out on his own. But these dogs would not have him and chased him away, which is why he was wandering around ALONE. I tried for many days to locate this

Waiting for his forever home

baby, and finally one day he appeared before me. A thin and starving pup, but extremely friendly. He was not wary, scared or suspicious of my touch. He seemed to be very well socialised as he started whining and wanted me to pet him. I wanted to feed him, but i was on my way home after feeding and was out of food. If I had gone off to organise some food for him, I would have probably never seen him again. Wondering how to handle the situation, I opened the car door and little Raj just jumped in. He settled happily in the back seat, we’ll never know whether he was just eager to leave the road, or he knew what a car was as he may have been abandoned or whether he’s just a super confident pup who did not mind experimenting. With the decision made, I drove home and fed him well and decided to take him to Drs. Choudhary for his vaccinations and for a general checkup before returning him to the road. On the way, I once again stopped around the area and asked the guards around about him. I was saddened to hear that Raj had still not been accepted by the other packs, and I did not have the heart to leave him back on the road. And so..little Raj found his way into AAIDD. Now, its puppy season, and many more pups than foster homes, so after his vaccinations, parasite control, Raj was sent off to AAIDD shelter (originally meant only for post-operative care, but houses the needy dogs as well)

The caretaker at the shelter describes Raj as a very friendly boy who quickly adjusted. He had his special friends at the shelter and knew which dog was to be played with and which dog was to be avoided. He has become healthier and bigger in a short span of 3 weeks.

His one paw is slightly turned, an old bone injury, which has joined incorrectly, but it does not hamper his movement or agility. He is a healthy young boy.

He has typical desi looks, pointed large ears, and sits in classic desi pose with front paws crossed. See his pictures to know if Raj is the one pup who was born to be in your home and heart and if he is, write to Dr Premlata Choudhary at drpl@choudharypetclinic.com or call at 011-24113000 or leave a comment for us to contact you.