Little Miss ‘Missy’ (adopted)

For anyone looking to adopt a desi puppy who is going to be a small dog as an adult, is good with cats and gentle with children, Missy makes a good choice.  […]

For anyone looking to adopt a desi puppy who is going to be a small dog as an adult, is good with cats and gentle with children, Missy makes a good choice. 

Once upon a time, there was this little puppy who would have been born in a litter of many, played with her siblings and was fed by her mother. And then there came a time, when this little girl was wandering alone in a market, following whoever gave her biscuits & treats, trying to make someone her own. Here are this little girl’s details:

Name: Missy
Gender: Female
Approx dob: Sep 15th, 2012
Vaccination: First 6-in-1 done

UPDATE ON 30/1/2013:

Missy has been at the farmhouse of her foster family for about 4 weeks now. She is described as a healthy, confident and positive pup, plays very well with all the other dogs and enjoys company of all the people around as well. She is good with cats as well.



I met Missy on a cold winter evening, when i went to get a coffee for myself at my nearby market. She was roaming around alone, shes lovely looking and very friendly so there were many people who i saw stopping by, petting her and giving her some biscuits etc. She’d follow them around. Then she made herself comfortable near a group of young boys, around their feet, to keep herself warm. This market has not seen a new litter in sometime as all dogs are sterlised, so I wondered where she appeared from and asked around. I was told by guards and roadside food vendors that they had been seeing her for about a week, and just the day before the bigger dogs had attacked her which is why she was limping. I fed her some warm food, of which she had only a little. For the next couple of days, i visited the place regularly trying to feed her, but it seemed she did not have much of an appetite. One evening visit, I found her crouching under a car, shivering, and heavy nasal discharge around her nose. Again, all I could do at that time was to give her some warm food and plan to take her to Dr. Choudhary for a check up the next day. But the sight of her shivering and cold kept coming back to my mind. Later that night, at about midnight, I brought her home. I think she had not slept in days or weeks, as she slept like a baby for almost 12 hours, waking up only to see whether she is in a safe place or not.

Her checkup revealed a nasty respiratory infection and she was treated with antibiotic injections and oral medication.

Missy is now fully recovered. She is a lovely, playful, full of life and very affectionate little girl. She is very delicate in her behaviour, like a little lady hence she got the name Miss Missy. (Later I saw that Miley Cyrus in Two and a Half Men – Season 9 is also Missi). If I have to express her nature in a few words, shes like Mary’s little lamb who will follow you around to let you know how faithful she is.

For the first few days, she was definitely insecure but with the socialising, love, and care she is now confident. She greets everyone with many wags of her tail(she wags her tail so fast that i was contemplating on naming her Waggy too), accompanied by her little backside wriggling with equal speed.

Missy still fears being left out alone, this is evident from how she reacts when she hears cars honking and cars speeding. For this reason, she will not be a survivor on the road. Her basic instincts are to be around people who love her and to cuddle. She is great with children as she is very gentle and delicate herself. She also enjoys car rides and is not scared of being in a car.

She loves food but currently, her priority is company of people.

Missy would make an ideal home pet, offering loads of love and licks, and will warm your lap and heart.

If you would like to make Missy your baby, please do write to Dr Premlata Choudhary at, or call her at 011-24113000, or leave us a message to contact you.

at the clinic, for her first checkup

Missy at playtime