Nimbu and Pink nosed Billi (adopted)

 Nimbu (picture above) and pink nosed Billie(both females) still await their forever homes, rest of the siblings have found homes in and around Delhi. Nimbu has been moved into an AAIDD […]
 Nimbu (picture above) and pink nosed Billie(both females) still await their forever homes, rest of the siblings have found homes in and around Delhi. Nimbu has been moved into an AAIDD foster home, while Billie is still outside the home of her rescuer and first foster family alongwith her mother. Billie’s pics will be available soon!!
Nimbu(left) and Billie(right) as babies
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 Healthy, well looked after by their rescuer – these 6 little babies need homes urgently. Else their lives will be short as they soon may be poisoned, like the previous litter or removed from where they are living currently.

Mother: Approx 3 years old
Gender: 4 boys + 2 girls
Dob: Septemebr 6th, 2012
Vaccinations: First round of 7-in-1 done, anti rabies to be done on Dec 6th, 2012�

We have the details of the puppies from their rescuer and foster family –

We all live on campus at a university in Sonipat where I teach in the law school.  Although we don’t know exactly, we believe that the mother, Mathilde, is somewhere around three years old.  She’s been friends with our dog, Annie, for about a year and a half , Annie is also a desi dog adopted from a shelter.

 Mathilde and one other stray, Buttercup, would always join us whenever we’d take Annie for a walk.  Last year, Mathilde gave birth to a litter of puppies under one of the dorms.  The students had been looking after them and had even found them homes but, tragically, they all died.  It’s not entirely clear what happened but the students think that they might have been poisoned.

 Over this past summer my wife and I started to get a little closer to Mathilde.  In an attempt to stay unattached, we initially tried not to feed any of the stray dogs.  With the students gone over the summer, though, the dog’s food supply dried up and they started to look really unhealthy.  We couldn’t stomach it so we started to feed them.

 Mathilde got pregnant at the end of the summer and on September 6, she gave birth to a litter of seven beautiful puppies under one of the dorms on campus.

Around that same time, a new pack of about six stray dogs had come onto campus.  Buttercup, who was now in heat herself, had joined up with this new pack.  Unfortunately, her state was making her very territorial and she ended up biting my neighbor’s pet dog.  Understandably, the university reacted by calling the dog catcher and having all the dogs expelled from campus.

Given how young the puppies were, their odds of surviving the dog catcher weren’t very good.  The long and the short is we now have seven extremely cute and healthy puppies (2 girls and 5 boys) on my back porch.  We have taken Mathilde in as well—she is a tremendously sweet and intelligent  dog (and will soon be spayed).

The puppies have seen the vet and are healthy.  They have been dewormed, had a general course of antibiotics, and have had their first seven in one vaccination (they need their rabies at 3 months plus on more seven in one).  They are all very good natured and love to be picked up and played with.

The litter has two little girls in it—one has a white coats with red speckles and brownish red patches over her eyes, the other has a white and brown coat and a pink nose.  The rest are little boys, two of which I have already found homes for.  The remaining three boys are all have super soft brown coats.  All of the dogs will have short coats.

These puppies will make wonderful pets and we really hope that we can find them homes.







Mommy Mathilde with her pups. Mathilde has now been spayed!! (Jan 9th, 2013)