Sunny thank you for the smile upon your face

Sunny with her buddy

Just like in the ole’ Boney M song, Sunny got her name because of her happy disposition. She is medium/small sized, and currently lives in a construction site. Will you take Sunny home?

Name: Sunny
Approx DOB: November 5, 2011
Gender: Female
Health: Sunny has been spayed and her vaccinations are done.

She has been spayed and vaccinated by Dr Choudhary. An animal lover living nearby provides her with some food but she has mainly been cared for by the guards at apartment complex she lives in. She has the sweetest temperament.  She can be seen wrestling playfully with her younger siblings.  She has also befriended many of the dogs at our complex. She can often be seen in the evenings playing with and accompanying dogs on their walks.  She is submissive but not timid or shy and always runs up to familiar people with a wagging tail and a smile. She isn’t aggressive and is very gentle with my kids and even grumpy older dogs gets along with her.  She is smart and has responds well to being corrected.  She did remarkably well in the car to and from Dr Choudhary’s with no whining or crying.  She is currently living outside on the construction site next to an Apartment complex. Sunny would make a fabulous companion to anyone.

If you want to make Sunny your forever friend, please send a mail to or call (011) 24113000.