Puppy love. And the art of sharing

this brown pup strikes a pose!

Update on April 12: ALL ADOPTED!

Foster mom Pia says that anyone can learn a lesson or two on sharing from this litter of 7 –  5 sisters and 2 brothers. She has been feeding strays and pups on the road for a long time, but never has she seen a litter where the ‘sharing’ and ‘bonding’ is so strong.

5 lil girls @ dr choudhary's clinic for their shot

close knit puppies

Maybe it was the adverse circumstances of their early life: Pia found them in a drain during an evening walk with a friend. They were undernourished and petrified. On asking street vendors around the area, she was told that their mother had been run over by a speeding car a week back, and ever since these pups were wandering the roads looking for her and in search of food.

two lil' boys waiting for their shot

Too young to fend for themselves, they were probably hungry for days. All that kept them going was the company of each other. Pia immediately gathered them and took them to Dr. Choudary’s clinic for a medical check-up and brought them home. This was three weeks back.

take me home!

Today, the pups are healthy, confident and bouncy bundles of joy. The gleam in their eyes shows what love and food can do for these little babies. Pia, the doting foster mom says that they are the perfect babies. They are very well behaved, no growls and fights over food, or over toys. This is rare, even amongst siblings, since the food motivation is so high in street dogs. The siblings eat out of two large bowls (they absolutely do not want to eat out of their own bowl), share their toys – currently their favorite is a set of tennis balls – budding tennis stars!!

sleepy time

The pups are now 8 weeks old, all vaccinated, dewormed and defleaed and ready to be adopted and bring joy to anyone who has them. They would work well in all types of homes, even in homes where there are other pets as they have learned from the initial days that – “Life is all about sharing”.

waiting for their forever home

Update: All 7 puppies were diagonosed with the dreaded Parvo virus. The little ones went through intensive treatment including injections, drips, medication and suffered far too much for their little bodies to take. While four were able to survive, we are extremely sad to have lost three of these precious lives. The four survivors are well on their way to recovery, and we hope they can find their families soon. After the loss of their mother and three siblings, we are sure they deserve loads of love and affection from their forever homes and families.

Update on Feb 6, 2012: The pups are now two months old and one has been adopted. 3 more to go! Here are the latest pics.

To adopt, please send inquires to drpl@choudharypetclinic.com or call (011) 24113000.