Ms Fearless (adopted!)

waiting for home sweet home

This lil’ angel is a feisty one!

Two months old, she braved a serious injury and illness to be the bright young puppy that she is today.

House-trained, obedient, extremely alert and intelligent and brave, that’s our little girl today!

And extremely fearless and alert; at her tender age she protects herself from other dogs and barks at the door when there is a knock. So, no one can mess with this one!!

Alok who is fostering her will be traveling from Dec 25 onwards for around 10-15 days and is looking to get her adopted. Do you have a lil’ room in your heart for a courageous, affectionate, pretty bundle of joy?

Then make haste and send a mail to or call (011) 24113000.

naughty but nice

a pretty lil' gal..

and a survivor...