Lil’ baby Jean (adopted!)

Lil' baby Jean needs a forever home

This lil’ baby goes by the name Jean. Lil’ Jean was rescued along with her little brother from a Garbage dump in Safdarjung Enclave, a bustling neighborhood in the heart of New Delhi.

A volunteer saw a mother with five young puppies surviving on scraps from the nearby garbage dump. She returned a few days later to see only two puppies not five. To her horror, she learned that Jean’s three siblings had been crushed by vehicles.

will you adopt me?

Little Jean was rescued and is now being fostered by two kind folks Zac and Beth, and her little brother who suffered from  a deep maggot wound is now fully recovered and adopted by a wonderful British Family.

Now, its little baby Jean’s time to find her forever sweet home. If you would like to inquire about lil’ Jean, send a mail to or call (011) 24113000 to enquire about Jeanie.