8 angels up for adoption/ fostering

At the vet's: 4 boy puppies waiting for a home

8 healthy, bouncy, energetic desi pups reside in Green Park, a busy neighborhood in New Delhi, along with their mom. These cherubs, four males and 4 females, are the survivors of a litter of 11 and are around 6 weeks old. Friendly, ladylike, pretty, playful – these words describe this wonderful brood, which are being dutifully fed along with their mom, by a volunteer everyday. Their current home is a covered drain, and they have also been  dewormed and vaccinated.

Update on Feb 6, 2012: 4 pups, now, 4 months old from this litter have been adopted (check pics below of  pups with their owners). We still need homes of the remaining ones, one male and one female pup! Here are recent pics of the two remaining babies, who are 4 months old. Scroll down to see their baby pictures!


Waiting for his forever home!



Waiting for her forever home!



Lil' Flash (ADOPTED)

Flash is a handsome fellow. He and his sis Cleopatra (below) are quite attached to each other. He is also timid and will need love and tenderness from his future parent.

...And his bro Gordon (ADOPTED)

Gordon is friendly fellow and quite big for his age. He enjoys playing and running around with his brothers and sisters.

pretty lil' cleopatra (ADOPTED)

Cleopatra, like her namesake  is very pretty and ladylike. The markings around her eyes make her look like she’s wearing eye makeup! She’s quite timid and will need a loving parent to look after her.

But as the harsh winter sets in their chances of survival on the mean streets of Delhi, where cars zoom at the speed of light, are getting bleaker. Also, water is regularly discharged into this drain and they have already started running around the road, which is lined with parked cars on both sides. It’s an accident waiting to happen!

It gets worse. The the drain they are living in is scheduled for reconstruction any time now and they will end up without even this meagre home. Last but not the least, street pups are also susceptible to cold shocks, as they cannot withstand the harsh winters for too long.

adopted by this grandmother-daughter pair

two pups adopted by this grandmother-daughter pair (left)

If you can find it in your heart to open your home to foster or adopt one or more of these beautiful babies, zip across a mail to drpremlatachoudhary1@gmail.com or call (011) 24113000.

Girl pup No. 1 waits for her shot (ADOPTED)


Girl pup No 2 has been adopted and is now called Mili!

Mom and two of her little ones


Girl pup No. 3

Girl pup No. 4