Little Survivor Penny

This pup was run over by several cars when she was trying to cross a busy road of New Delhi, India. She was taken to a local shelter where the vets had to amputate her tail and one hind leg. Penny continued living in the dismal shelter for over two months. Being in a compromised state of health, lack of attention/treatment; Penny contracted distemper and demotectic mange (first two pics taken at the shelter)

A volunteer of AAIDD  learnt of her plight and got her out of there before she got any worse. Penny was treated by AAIDD Vet; Dr. Choudhary which definitely saved her life but not without a price paid by this little soul. When Penny came to her foster home she was a nothing more than a sack of bones who was unresponsive and had to be fed via IV for the first two weeks as she was not eating. Penny also had a high bacterial infection in her blood so she needed antibiotic shots every day.

Penny is in a foster care in India for over four months now and with the care, love and attention she gained back her health. With her medications, vitamins and protein diet she has  now become a transformed pup. Her mange has been cured and now she has a beautiful coat however she still suffers from the side effects of distemper so she constantly bobs her head up and down. She does not need any medication for this, she has got accustomed to this and continues to live life to the fullest. Because of this beautiful attitude that Penny has towards life we believe that she will be a great Therapy dog for special needs/disabled children/adults.
Penny does not need any special attention now and eats regular dog food but will apprecaite some eggs and will dance around for treats.
Penny loves to play with her foster siblings including the cats and greets all the visitors with enthusiasm. In spite of everything that this poor dog has been through she is always happy to see you and makes every effort to stand up and come up to you and wag her tail that is only a little stub now.
This little survivor is very friendly, loving and adorable. She is a very low maintenance dog and does not need lot of attention or exercise, she is just happy being around people.
A three legged mutt is difficult to get adopted in India and hence we would love for Penny to find a home in either New Jersey where we have foster homes available.
Penny has got a second chance at life and needs a very special and kind family who will love and take good care of  our little survivor.
Penny will be spayed and ready to travel to NJ by the end of Oct.
A Chip in page has been set for raising funds for Penny’s transport, it is linked to paypal which is a safe and secure method to make donations.
Visit Penny’s facebook page to see more pics and updates-
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